Roger Wolfson – How are Political Speeches Different from Other Forms of Public Speaking

Roger Wolfson – How are Political Speeches Different from Other Forms of Public Speaking

If you examine society today, you will find that people’s views are shifting frequency, especially when it comes to political affairs. Every politician or candidate running for elections must ensure they invoke the right emotional and physical response from their targeted audience when it comes to actively resolve the common issues that plague their development. It is here that politicians should be well-prepared with their speeches, which are short but powerful.

Roger Wolfson – The significant role of political speechwriters in elections

Roger Wolfson is an eminent figure in the fields of politics, law, and entertainment in the USA. He is from Los Angeles and has been on the staff of four prominent senators of the USA. They are Paul Wellstone, Ted Kennedy, Joe Liebermann, and John Kerry. He has worked as a civil rights attorney and has been the Vice President at Channel One News. He has written several political speeches for Presidential candidates and some of the most high- profile Democrats in the country.

When it comes to political speeches, he says leaders have the ability to touch people with their words. Take the example of any crisis, and you will find political leaders coming up with powerful speeches that sway the audience.

Speechwriting basics for creating a powerful impact

When it comes to political speechwriting, the words are heard and not read. The speech needs to appeal to the people. In the event of a crisis, a good leader will use the right words to inspire people that they will overcome the problem. You can take the historical example of President Reagan’s speech in 1986 when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded just within minutes after the ground takes off. He went on to cancel the planned State of the Union Address for that night. He went on to address the people of America from the Oval Office. His speech was from the heart, and it comforted the whole nation. This speech of his that healed people when they were struggling to come to terms with one of the nation’s worst space disasters.

The speech of a politician should be like a conversation

The speech of a politician should be as if he is speaking to the audience. Though speeches are mostly read, they have short and simple sentences for everyone to understand. These speeches do not use long-winding sentences. They are short, and this is why political speech is different from other forms of public speaking.

Roger Wolfson states that a political speech does not mean just a public address to the nation. It means more than this. It is a speech that a politician speaks from his heart. Some great political leaders across the world are great orators. They have managed to sway the emotions of the people in their nation in the right direction. As a result, the nation progresses as the desired action is invoked. All these major changes begin with one speech by a leader, and behind the whole success is a dedicated political speechwriter who cares about the nation just as much as you do.


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