Vitamin A Serum: A Secret to Healthy Skin

Vitamin A Serum: A Secret to Healthy Skin

Vitamin A does phenomenal things when it comes to skin benefits. What causes unhealthy looking skin is the reduced exposure of skin to Vitamin A. If you want healthier and radiant looking skin you need to introduce Vitamin A in your skin care regime.

This is how Vitamin A helps your skin

  • It helps in normalizing cells which means that it influences the cells to behave in a healthier manner
  • It also reduces oil production and acne hence treating skin problems
  • It helps in treating dark patches and pigmentation
  • It makes the skin look youthful by promoting healthy collagen
  • It maintains the dermis and epidermis of the skin too.

Due to its many benefits it becomes very importance for us to use a Vitamin A serum so as to promote healthy skin for us.  Are you looking for a Vitamin A serum? Learn all about vitamin A for your skin from this great article.

The work of Vitamin A Serums

The main work of Vitamin A serums is that it thickens the layers of skin and this in turn reduces wrinkles and also helps in increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin. It also helps in depositing collagen which helps in anti ageing of the skin.

Uses of Vitamin A Serum

  • It carriers nutrients and oxygen to the cells thus normalizing blood flow
  • Symptoms of Resaca are reduced.
  • It treats acne scarring and reduces wound healing
  • It helps in exfoliation which results in an even tone of skin
  • It optimizes our UV protection and repairs the cellular structure of the epidermis
  • It helps reduce pigmentation as it decreases melanin granules from clustering
  • Improves skin hydration and reduces wrinkles
  • Treats acne by decreasing sebum production

Choosing the right Vitamin A serum

You have to choose a product that does not contain any nasty ingredients to irritate or react with your skin. Hence you have to choose the right serum correctly so as to avoid any side effects on your skin. Not any or every product is going to work but the right product will. You have to choose a product that is gentle on your skin and contains antioxidants so your skin can benefit from it to the maximum.

You need to build you skin’s tolerance towards Vitamin A and hence you should first introduce a product that has less percentage of the product and then gradually increase the percentage of the product.

Steps to Use a Vitamin A Serum

You need to listen to your body’s rhythm and work with it. Twice a day is the best dosage however it is essential to use the product right before you hit the bed as your skin repairs itself when you are asleep.

Important Reminders

  • If you have sensitive skin due to medical reason, pregnancy etc you need to check with a Doctor before using a Vitamin A serum
  • If on application of a serum your skin feels irritated then you must immediately stop using the product and gather consultation
  • Whenever you step out do not use a sunscreen and a Vitamin A Serum together as both work opposite to each other and will result in skin damage.


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