5 tips to pack like a pro for your autumn trip

5 tips to pack like a pro for your autumn trip

Many people consider autumn the best season for traveling, due to the pleasant weather and far fewer tourists in comparison to late spring or summer. Plus, such destinations as Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Canada are widely known for their autumnal sceneries and there’s no better time to visit them than during the upcoming three months. Here are our top 5 packing suggestions to help you out if you’re planning a trip this fall and need some advice on how to do it efficiently without paying too much at the airport. 

  1. Pay attention to the details  

Try to learn as much as you can about your destination before you even start packing for your vacation, especially regarding ordinary things that seem too trivial to be concerned about. The outlets are one of the most frequently ignored things, which will always make you run across the airport to the closest electronics store to buy the right (usually overpriced) plug. By paying attention to such details and buying all the things you’ll need ahead of time, you can save time, money, and you’ll leave your house stress free.

  1. Pack versatile items   

When traveling light, especially only with a carry-on or even just a backpack, it is important that the things we pack are comfortable, warm, and versatile. For instance, if you choose your scarf well, it can keep you warm, act as a pillow if you fall asleep on the bus, and also make you look more stylish when going sightseeing.  We recommend paying attention to Celtic scarves like the ones from Gaelsong, because they are made from natural fabrics that won’t let you get cold and their distinctive patterns can make you look more preppy when worn as an accent piece in a monochrome outfit.

  1. Use all the space you have    

Use as much space as you can when packing light, especially when using a low-cost airline, to avoid having to buy another suitcase. Lay out everything you want to bring with you on your bed and try to figure out how you can fit it all in your luggage. Shoes typically have a lot of extra space inside that can be used to store smaller items like underwear, socks, perfume, and jewelry. Additionally, you can store fragile things like makeup palettes in the pockets of your sweatshirts or in smaller bags, if you bring those.

  1. Always carry an extra bag for laundry

If you want unpacking to be more pleasurable or if you simply want to spare yourself from feeling embarrassed when the airport security decides to open your bag for some reason, make sure you put a bag for all your laundry when packing. You can use any bag you have laying around, especially if it is a zip lock bag, as it will block all the unpleasant smells. If you want something more special, there are lots of options of machine washable laundry bags on Amazon that you can easily get for around $10. 

  1. Always leave some extra space

Last, but not least, never fill up a bag when packing for a trip, as if you do so there will inevitably be the need for you to buy an extra backpack when traveling back. Always make sure to leave at least a quarter of your suitcase empty for all the souvenirs for friends or family that you will bring home, as well as some authentic snacks for yourself or even some clothes that you’ll decide to buy while there. 


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