Brian Ferdinand: Corporate Housing Isn’t the Same as a Hotel, and Here’s Why

Brian Ferdinand: Corporate Housing Isn’t the Same as a Hotel, and Here’s Why

You’re hitting the open skies or the open road soon, and you can’t wait to arrive at your destination. However, part of you feels a little unsettled about the type of accommodation you’ll be staying at for the next few weeks. Fortunately, with corporate housing, you don’t have to worry about your accommodation selection becoming a bust in the end. That’s because corporate housing comes with a slew of benefits that you can’t find in alternative housing options, like hotels, according to travel expert Brian Ferdinand.

The Key Difference Between a Hotel and Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is essentially serviced, fully furnished housing that you can rent temporarily while on a personal trip or a business trip. Although you can rent a hotel room temporarily, too, the vibe you get from a hotel is very different from what you feel in a corporate housing unit. That’s because unlike hotel rooms, corporate housing units are made to resemble your home, according to Brian Ferdinand.

As a general rule of thumb, hotels want their guests to remain on their properties so that they can take part in activities that generate revenue for them. These activities include drinking cocktails and eating meals at the hotels, for example. However, corporate housing providers that specialize in offering luxury accommodations are proud to offer visitors home bases for both exploration and relaxation. In other words, in a corporate housing unit, ensuring your comfort is more important than anything else.

What to Expect from Corporate Housing

When you hear “corporate housing,” note that this term doesn’t just refer to the actual physical space you are renting. It also refers to the many furnishings and services included in your rental. For instance, your utilities, Internet service, and cable television service are generally included in your rental fee.

Also, many providers of corporate housing offer the types of amenities you’ll find in hotels. These include, for example, fitness rooms and swimming pools. Still, corporate housing units are usually less expensive when compared with longer-term stays in hotels. Corporate housing stays run around $150 per day on average.

All in all, if you’re serious about enjoying a getaway with a relatively all-inclusive accommodation option, you can’t go wrong with a corporate housing rental. With the right corporate housing firm, you can easily find the perfect unit for yourself and your traveling companions—one where you can all enjoy ample safe and amenities for weeks on end.


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