Guide To Buy The Best Quality Hammer In India

Guide To Buy The Best Quality Hammer In India

A hammer is a very widely used man-made tool which is used to crush, shape, or drive nails into walls. The basic overlook of a hammer, be it any type, usually consists of a large head or a bob on one of the extreme ends which are followed or moreover supported by a long stick attached to the head. The stick makes it easier for people to use the hammer as using a hammer requires a flow of the head to generate force in order for it to be effective. The head or the bob is a rather dense little piece of iron which is able to deal damage or dents on a small area which directly correlates with the head’s area of impact. Modern hammers are usually made of steel or compounds of iron, while their holding parts or handles are constructed by using wood, plastic, or carbonate compounds. Most hammers usually have two headends which are shaped exactly the same, but recently, new hammers came out with one head shaped like a claw. This claw-shaped end helps the professionals or the general user in taking out or plunging out nails if they’ve been stricken in the wrong way. Overall, when looked at from an introspective, there are around 40 different types of hammers which are being produced. But in order to buy best quality hammer in india, you will need to be informed. Here’s your guide to buying the right hammer.

Types of hammers 

  • Ball peen – This hammer has two headends where one end is shaped like a normal hammer while the other one is shaped like a ball and it extremely used to shape metal sculptures, etc.
  • Claw – As explained above, one end drills the nails, the other helps in taking them out.
  • Cross peen – Different than any other hammer, this hammer’s one head end is shaped like a ball, while the other one is shaped like a prickly wedge to consolidate forced damage. The sharp end of this hammer is usually used to straighten nails which de shaped while hammering.
  • Dead blow – Unlike other hammers, this hammer is known to dissipate the pressure and force over a wider area when compared to normal hammers.
  • Engineer – The human-force or manual equivalent of a drill hammer found in machines, this hammer has decorating damage and is used mainly in the transport sector.
  • Rock pick – Smaller than most hammers, this has two sharp ends and is used to split, climb, or dislodge rocks.
  • Knife edged – Used by carpenters, decorators, and woodcutters as this hammer has a knifed end while the other end is absolutely flat. It is used to chop up wood, etc.

These were the major types of hammers that one can purchase. Furthermore, you can also get hammer online purchase. While there are a wide variety of hammers available, a further lot are available online. Moreover, the shape, size, texture, blade type, and usage are important factors while buying hammers.


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