Topdraw Lottery – Supreme Ventures Lotto in Jamaica

Topdraw Lottery – Supreme Ventures Lotto in Jamaica

There are plenty of lotteries operating in Jamaica providing citizens of the country with an opportunity to get rich and realise their dream. One such popularly availed Supreme Ventures lotteries and the hot favourite among majority of the Jamaicans, is Top Draw. It offers daily prizes and is completely genuine, the reason for people of all eligible ages to buy tickets to try their luck in this game.

More about Top Draw

It was in 1995, Supreme Ventures had started its operation in Jamaica. Top Draw was announced officially in 2014 for commemorating its 13th anniversary and the very first week of its introduction saw about 80,000 winners. The game’s popularity only increased with time. Supreme Ventures from Jan – April 2015 had sold over 2 million tickets and distributed prizes worth over 158 million dollars during this period.

How to play?

It is easy to play. This daily hosted game requires you to select 5 numbers ranging from 1-22.the winning numbers need to be selected 5 times a day and 7 days a week. Although it does not boast about big jackpots, it does offer amazing odds for prize wins.

How much for the ticket?

It entirely depends upon how much you wish to spare and your preferences. 50 dollars however, is the minimum wager to bet upon that can increase in amount.

Top Draw is yet to offer online tickets. To buy a lottery, you need to be 18+ years of age. No restrictions are present with regards to nationality as any person residing legally in the country can try his/her luck. So, you will require to visit any of its authorized retail outlets to get hold of your ticket.

How to win?

You need to match all drawn 5 numbers to win maximum prize announced. For initial daily drawing, the minimum assured jackpot amount is 200,000 dollars. In case, no one is declared a winner for the day, then the amount simply rolls over to the next day’s drawing. The jackpot in this manner, for the day’s last drawing, has the ability to reach 1 million dollars, in case no person wins beforehand. This jackpot has managed to reach daily threshold several times. The offered lowest prize tier however, is not fixed. The amount to be received by players will depend upon the number of tickets sold for the drawing as well as number of winners.

On announcement of the daily topdraw results, the players will be provided with a time frame of about 90 days to make their claim on the declared prize amount. The maximum amount that can be claimed throughout Jamaica at any authorized retail agency here is 54,999 dollars and the winner can enjoy deriving immediate payout. But for amounts falling in the bracket of 55,000 – 299,999 dollar range need to visit any of the regional centres to prove their claim and collect the prize money. However, for larger winning amounts, the winners are required to visit the Prize Payment Centre of Supreme Ventures at its New Kingston headquarters.


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