Registration – November 2015 Conference

Please use the form below to register your attendance at our 2nd national conference (which is free of charge), noting any access, dietary or childcare requirements. We will do our best to fulfill any needs notified to us. For more info, just email

The conference will be held on Saturday 21 November, 11 AM – 6 PM at UCL in London (click here for details). It will offer skills workshops, space for analysing the shape of casualisation in the United Kingdom, and strategies for organising in a precarious workplace. We are also in the process of developing demands around which casualised workers can both unite nationally, and deploy at their own institutions to effect concrete improvements in pay and conditions. These will be discussed, debated and decided at the conference. We want your input! We are new, we are open, and we want you to come along, share your views and knowledge, and join us!