Product Inspections, the process and types

Product Inspections, the process and types

Inspection of different goods before shipment or before launch is a must now. This is important for the companies and important for the buyers both. There are four types of product inspections that should be done before shipment of a product: pre-production inspection, during production inspection, pre-shipment inspection and container-loading supervision.

What is product inspection?

If we want to define the word ‘product inspection’, the exact meaning of it is actually, “a formal or official examination” of products before shipment. Inspection of the goods includes measurements, estimates and examination to decide whether uniqueness of a particular object or any activity is up to its pre-decided standards or not. Inspection of products is a must for different products. It is important to make sure that laws and regulations are enforced as proficiently and as reasonably as possible to ensure the security and safety of the sellers and buyers both. There are many companies that offer the inspection of the shipment process at a very reasonable price. The products inspection can be quite components that are used in finished goods, production, and inventory or even when work is in progress. Importers particularly find the inspection services very important before sourcing their finished goods or products from their suppliers.

Let’s check the types of inspections and their necessity:

Pre-production inspection

This type of inspection is necessary if you want to check the raw materials or components that will be used in your production process. You should keep an eye on different materials because buying cheaper materials can increase the margin of a factory dramatically.

Inspection During-production

Sending an inspector from the company during production is the best way to get a complete idea of the average quality of the product. The inspector should be an experienced and knowledgeable person to take care of the matter. They use different tools to check the quality to make the final report.  It can take place when the first finished products get off the line, but they may not be representative of the entire order, so this inspection can be done as 20%-30% of the products are finished.

Pre-shipment inspection

It is one of the most standard types of inspection a standard solution for the importers who want to inspect their products as they are manufactured and packed.

The inspectors will check each and every detail of production, packaging etc. they will also check the product features, packaging details, total quantity etc. A final factory audit is performed usually just before the shipment process and they are just right if the factory delivered a good quality product on the exact same product before.

Supervision of container loading

An importer often wants to make sure that the factory ships the proper goods with a suitable loading plan. After the process of final product inspections, this type of supervision can be done. This process is differentiated into two steps:

  • Counting the entire quantity, opening some of the cartons and run a fast checking of the goods
  • Supervising the carton loading in containers
  • These methods are quite important to ensure that the product quality is up-to-mark; it is suitable for use and so on.


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