Nelson Partners Briefly Sheds Light On The Student Housing Industry

Nelson Partners Briefly Sheds Light On The Student Housing Industry

Student housing is among the most important aspects of college and university journeys. However, owing to the ever-changing student housing trends, high demand for academic excellence and engagements, as well as building amenities that foster socialization, this industry can be pretty complex to understand. But with time, it is attracting a number of well-established real estate players like Nelson Partners. Founded in 2018 by Patrick Nelson after 14 years of experience in the industry, this company specializes in developing, acquiring, and managing quality purpose-built student housing assets. They perform high-level on-going due diligence on every property they are involved in and have over 1,200 investors in the 1031 exchange programs.

As students are returning to in-person learning at colleges and universities across the world subsequent to the Covid-19 pandemic, investor demand for student housing has surged up substantially, both from those who typically invest in the sector as well as new entrants. Along with well established players like Nelson Partners, there are many new investors getting attracted to this industry as well.  When the lockdowns first hit due to the pandemic, a large number of investors were concerned about the fact that student housing shall plummet due to remote learning. However, rent collections remained high even in areas where schools mostly went remote, as a good number of students opted to in student housing while taking their classes online.

As multi-housing cap rates have become quite compressed today, most investors are choosing to focus on yield. The number of multi-housing investors looking to buy into the student housing market is steadily growing. Private capital essentially took the lead in terms of transaction volumes when interest in the United States student housing market from foreign and institutional investors slowed down last year.  This trend, however, is again reversing, as foreign and institutional investors are returning in force. Investment firms that are comparatively new to the student housing sector are also steadily becoming more present in the bidding process. A few of these new entrants are conventional multi-housing investors, while some of them are experienced commercial real estate investors who have focused on other product types historically, but see an opportunity to invest in this sector now after witnessing how are experienced commercial real estate investors.

Property management companies like Nelson Partners are additionally pretty important to this industry. The properties of this company can be found among some of the best universities of the United States. They tailor their services to the specific needs and requirements of each individual client. By collaborating with their owners, understanding their goals, and adding their property management expertise, Nelson Brothers contribute to adding value to real estate throughout the nation. This company maintains a specialized focus on student housing communities that provides them a unique perspective on the varied needs and challenges linked with housing management. This company prioritizes providing responsive and professional services. The entire team of the company is wholly committed to excellence in delivering these services.


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