Know More about Jamaica’s Supreme Ventures Dollaz Results 2019

Know More about Jamaica’s Supreme Ventures Dollaz Results 2019

The Jamaican based lotteries are legal as Jamaica’s Supreme Ventures is authorized to operate this as a legitimate game. The Dollaz is one of its portfolios. It is preferred by most of the Jamaicans. This is because of the winning opportunity and the prize amount is high. Moreover, a daily draw takes place 5-times. This will help the frequent lottery ticket buyers to win in any of the draws. Here, a few dollars spent on the ticket are compensated with a profit amount too. That is why the Dollaz results 2019 is most searched on the web. Here, we have mentioned how to check Dollaz’s results offline and online.

Dollaz Draw Date and Timings

8:30 am

10:30 am

1 pm

5 pm

8:25 pm

The Dollaz drawing takes place every week daily. The above mentioned times are fixed for the day.

Dollaz Results Today Live on TV

Daily the draw takes place every day as mentioned above. It is advisable to be in front of the TV to see the live drawing. You must be handy with your lotto ticket to check you have won a prize or not. If yes, you can directly go and claim your prize from the nearest Supreme Venture office.

Dollaz Results Today Live on Supreme Ventures Website

Jamaica’s Supreme Ventures have its official website. They do update the Dollaz result as soon as the draw takes place at respective times for the day. The lotto enthusiasts, who are not in front of a TV, can check the results on their Smartphone, tablet or a laptop. This is a free lotto website. It does not ask your credentials when you visit this site. This is a user-friendly website too.

Dollaz Results Today Live on Online Lotto Websites

There are many online lotto channels in Jamaica. They are free for any lotto lovers. They do update Dollaz results 2019. The newbie in Jamaican lotto can learn more about Dollaz from that lotto informative website. You must note that they do not sell any online lottery tickets. They just update the lotto results and provide the previous dates chart for better analyzes. You can know about tax, where to buy the lotto and the prize tier too. You can access those lotto sites 24/7. They do not ask your credentials as they are free for the lottery enthusiast.

Dollaz is one of the best games to play among the Jamaican lotteries. There are many common people, who are now a milliner because of Dollaz. There are many other people, who have improved their living standards due to the Dollaz prize. You can try your luck after reading this article. This is because the chances of winning the 1st prize are odd. However, you can come under other prizes, which are worth full. This is why the Jamaicans prefer this lotto much than other lotteries available in Jamaica. The Supreme Ventures is transparent. So far there is no scam in its portfolios.


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