How Plastic Postcard Mailers Assist in Real Estate Marketing

How Plastic Postcard Mailers Assist in Real Estate Marketing

In the real estate business, buyers and sellers are constantly looking for ways to get their hands on listings before finding a home. They also want current-listing photos, floor plans, possible comparables, and information about features in the neighborhood. To aid in this process of marketing listings, sending clients plastic postcard mailers is a great way to send out property information while still looking professional quickly. Here are three ways plastic postcard mailers can help you market your listings:

They Add a Professional Touch

If your client is on the market for a new home, they will want to contact the real estate agent who has the most convenience and information about new listings. And, while sending out standard paper letters and postcards is still used by some agents, it’s no longer an effective marketing strategy. Using a plastic card mailer means you’re taking advantage of modern marketing technology while also showing that your business is competent.

They Help Draw Interest Through Added Visuals

Beautiful, bright photos are the only way to compete with other agents in your area. The plastic postcard mailers are large enough to fit any picture, and it’s a great choice for sending out information about open houses. This is an excellent way to show potential buyers what your listings look like before they walkthrough. Having that first impression is key when trying to put someone under contract.

They Allow You to Give Clients Extra Time

With today’s fast-paced life, people want instant gratification. You won’t be able to provide that with standard paper letters or postcards—plastic postcard mailers are the best way to get your information out quickly while still delivering a professional image. Plus, everything is already planned out for you; all you need to do is peel off the adhesive strip and allow recipients to view their contents right away.

The trend of using plastic postcard mailers as marketing tools can be seen in many other industries: automotive, education, and healthcare, to name a few. These marketing tools will help real estate agents connect with their customers and increase their success rate exponentially.


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