Ecommerce Packaging for Startups and Professionals

Ecommerce Packaging for Startups and Professionals

With the ecommerce industry flourishing, the competition is also getting tougher. Companies and brands are doing the best that they can to outdo their competitors. In this competition, a lot of factors come into play and one of them is packaging. New businesses often forget about this aspect and they end up developing very slowly. Companies that take packaging seriously from the very beginning tend to make their mark very quickly. There are many ways in which you can make your new businesses soar to great heights in a short time or make your existing business more attractive, through packaging.

Custom Product Boxes

It is very easy to find the conventional packaging boxes. Most of them are white or brown. People associate while boxes with food and brown ones for other items. However, you will never be able to mark in the industry like this. For example, if you are a startup bakery owner, you will have to invest in wholesale product packaging that is customized for your business.

If you are not using custom product packaging, it becomes very easy for you to get lost in a sea of bakeries that are packaging their products the same way. Similarly, if you have another business such as an electronic business, you will need product packaging boxes for packaging and delivering your products.

Marketing through Packaging

There are so many big companies whose package boxes do the talking for the brand. From promoting the brand image to showing the features of the brand, the packaging does anything. For example, if you see the Nike packaging, you would see the company’s tag line and logo on the boxes. The ‘just do it’ shows you that the company’s motto is to just take a leap forward.

As a startup or even as a professional in the field, you can make your brand more visible by marketing it through the custom made boxes for products. If you are a local business, put your name, logo and address on the box so that you have a recognition in the customers’ mind. If you just package in the same old brown box, no one is going to remember your company’s name.

Printing on Packaging Boxes

You must have seen the mark the printed boxes leave on customers. If you see a box with ‘I’m lovin’ it’ on it, you would immediately know where the box is from even if you cannot read the company’s name. How is this possible? This happens when the company has made their mark in the customers’ minds. You can do the same by getting printed boxes from printing and packaging companies. Many packaging box manufactures provide printing options too. You can get anything printed that you think is unique about your business and something that the customers can remember you by.

Different Packaging Styles

You do not have to go with the conventional rectangular box if you do not want to. Nowadays, there are many different options such as gable boxes and window boxes. When you contact the packaging wholesalers, they will give you a list of boxes that they specialize in. Then, you can choose the box that works best for you. For food businesses, especially takeaways, gable boxes are very common these days. Similarly, different kinds of boxes are best for different items. Custom packaging companies help you find the best box for your particular item.

Why is Packaging so Important?

The reason why packaging is so important is that it is the first thing your customers are going to see. It lays down the first impression, before the customer even sees the product inside it. Before people even look at the phone, they are mesmerized by the packaging used by phone companies such as Apple and Samsung. Also, with packaging, you can give a message. For example, you can have your logo on the front like Apple does. If your company has a slogan or a cause, that could also be loud and clear on the packaging. This helps in gaining loyal customers who have the same ideology as your brand.

Moreover, packaging tells a lot about the values your company is following. For example, eco-friendly packaging tells the customers that your company is supportive of the environment. So, when you choose packaging, as a professional or as a startup, make sure that you put enough thought in the whole process. You will be surprised with what impact product packaging can have on customer behavior and sales.


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