Do You Want to Drive Any Rented Car in Spain?

Do You Want to Drive Any Rented Car in Spain?

If you want to drive in Spain during your stay in the country then you will find a number of car rental companies. You can visit all the sightseeing places and beaches at your own pace.

You may read more hiring car tips in Spain in this small write up.

  1. Check your license

Make sure from the car rental company that the driver’s license that you have is valid for Spanish roads. Usually, if you are an American citizen then you must have a valid passport.

Though having international driving permit is not a necessity however, there is nothing wrong in having one so that you may not be unnecessarily harassed at any place.

2. Search a good deal

You will find both good as well as bad rental companies. If you find any rental company is offering attractive prices or the terms are unbelievable then be careful about them.

They may start harassing you for any petty reason and ultimately you will find them to be much costlier.

3. Carefully read all terms and conditions

Don’t sign on the paper without properly reading and understanding all the fine print of the T&C. Sometimes there may be many hidden reasons for which you will have to pay for.

Also check the condition of the car for any dents and scratches very carefully. For your safety you may also take the photograph.

4. Roundabout advice

You will find roundabouts in many places on the road. In case you are not very comfortable then you may slow down your car while driving in the roundabout. Roundabout will also give you an opportunity to find the right read too.

5. Save time by paying for toll roads

If you are in hurry to reach a place then you can prefer to choose toll roads by paying few euros which may be a bit heavy sometimes. However, if you are not in much hurry then you can go to toll free road too.

6. Keep all valuables out of sight

Avoid keeping your costly items in your car when you park. Either you must keep it with you or you can leave them at your hotel locker. This is an important tip if you are in city like Madrid or Barcelona.

7. Automatic transmission car may be bit costly

Most of the people in Spain drive car with manual transmission, in fact the same trend you will find all over Europe.

If you need car with automatic transmission then you must check the price because sometimes, they may charge very high if there is shortage of such cars.

8. Choose the parking spot very carefully

To find a parking spot in big cities is always a big problem. It is very risky to park in open space. In case by mistake you park in any private place then your car may get towed and you will end up paying heavy fine.

Best thing to do is find any garage where you may need to pay little more but is a much safer option.

9. Remain careful while on road

Driving in Spain is same like driving in any other cities of Europe. Most of the laws as well as road signs are almost the same. In case, you feel tired while driving then you may slow down a bit.

The car following you may not be happy however he will overtake you after some time.

10. Always fill right type of fuel

Gas filling in Spain is self-service. You can either pay in cash or card and then come to filling place and get it filled up. Make sure that you are filling the right fuel.


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