Agenda announced for FACE conference!

We are excited to be able to announce the agenda of the conference, including a range of workshops and open discussion. This will be an opportunity to discuss the challenges facing us and the state of current struggles, and to equip ourselves collectively with the tools and ideas we need to organise local grassroots campaigns capable of fighting and winning. Workshops will cover topics from how to set up a campaign and how to launch a survey, to resisting victimisation and the relationship between activist campaigns and union branches. We will hear from a range of local campaigns by casualised workers including SOAS Fractionals for Fair Play, the Sussex Pop-Up Union, London Met, Warwick, SOAS Justice for Cleaners and UCL Fair Play for TAs – and, we hope, from you!

Read the full agenda and register now to attend!


Join us at the third open organising meeting – 7pm Thursday 15 Jan, SOAS

FACE is being organised by a network of casualised academic workers from many different institutions. So far, we’ve planned the conference at two open organising meetings, and our third will be this Thursday – please come along to help make the conference happen!

7pm Thursday 15 January
Room B102 (Brunei Gallery)
SOAS, London WC1H 0XG
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Fighting casualisation in the New Year!


Fighting Against Casualisation in Education is organised by casualised academic workers active in local campaigns around the country. We’re planning a conference on Saturday 7 February 2015 : we want to bring activists together, to assess the challenges facing us, share experiences and tools for organising action on the ground, and help each other set up new campaigns. Join us!

You can:

Keep an eye on the website for more news about the conference, and article and reports by activists!