Casualised academic workers: join the national demo on 19 Nov!

Facebook event – please share and invite your colleagues!

On 19 November, students, education workers and supporters from around the country will march in London to defend education – to demand an end to college cuts, grants not debt, and to defeat the higher education reforms. (Main event: National DEMO: United for Education). As casualised workers, we are already hyper-exploited and underpaid, with women, BME, migrant and disabled workers hit particularly hard, and the government’s assault on education will only make things worse. So we will be marching too – to demand higher wages, job security, and a democratic, public education system properly resourced to treat and pay its workers decently.

It is absolutely essential that we turn back the tide of attacks on education. The brutal cuts to colleges will see an already-squeezed workforce face further job cuts, and intensified exploitation for those remaining. The higher education reforms will give a leg up to private businesses seeking to take the places of public institutions, and artificially impose an even more competitive market between universities – this will further undermine collective national bargaining and intensify the race to the bottom in the use of low-wage, short-term, insecure and zero-hours employment.

We must stop this – and through our collective strength we can. Join us on 19 November.

Facebook event – please share and invite your colleagues!


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