FACE Open Meeting Report – 28th July

Last month a group of FACE activists met up to discuss recent events, our plans for the organisation and future action. Here’s a quick summary of what was discussed:

What we talked about

On 28th July delegates from UCL, SOAS, King’s College London, Birmingham, Sussex, Manchester, Queen Mary University London, Goldsmith’s, University of London, Warwick and Leicester met for the latest FACE meeting. A lively discussion rattled along for 90 minutes, including a report back from the recent national assembly held at Warwick (in lieu of the demonstration against TeachHigher. We got reports on two upcoming events, the Higher Education Convention (28th November) and a conference on sexual harassment in HE at Goldsmith’s (2nd December). We also discussed recent contact with IWGB members at University of London looking for help with their own campaign over casualisation of academic staff.

 What we decided

 Most of the meeting was dedicated to deciding what to do about having a National Conference this year, for which 14th November was pencilled in as the date, with content decided at the next FACE meeting in Birmingham (25th August). So if you’ve got an idea for that, come to the meeting or contact us to put it forward for discussion.

 Meetings from now on will be regular (monthly for the moment) and will rotate between different parts of the country. So after Birmingham we’re going to Manchester for 26th September. October’s meeting will be in London, then we’ll have the national conference. If you’ve got a new campaign up and running and think a FACE meeting at your university would give it a boost, again, get in touch.


 We were pretty happy with the publicity we helped win for the Warwick campaign and the outcome, and were overwhelmed by how widespread opposition to “Teach Higher” was from many in HE. Just goes to show what good local organisation and a national network can achieve, so make sure you keep us in mind if you need any help round your way!

Between now and the next meeting, we’re planning to get started on a Wiki campaign toolbox, with materials designed to help you discover what casualisation looks like at your university and tips on how to get organising casualised workers. We’re also hoping to get more stuff on the website, so it can be a hub for campaigns across our network and the sector (if you’ve got something you want to put up here, let us know)

And finally

 We’re getting a banner, so look out for that at your next demonstration!

See you at our next Open Organising meeting in BIRMINGHAM on the 25th of August! 


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