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Fight for our Right to Strike!

The government is planning harsh new anti-union laws – imposing undemocratic thresholds on ballots for industrial action, making it easier for employers to use strikebreaking labour, restricting our right to picket our workplaces, and reducing our ability to do any campaigning through our unions that might be considered “political”.

Industrial action has been key to many of the gains made for academic workers, just like all groups of workers, and we know that such action will be necessary to win the kind of improvements in pay and conditions we are campaigning for in education. So these proposed new laws are a serious threat to us!

But we can fight back, and we must. Lambeth Unison branch has issued a call to establish a grassroots, branch-based campaign to resist these laws and campaign for a positive right to strike. A growing number of union branches have answered and the Right To Strike campaign has begun to form and hold regional mobilising meetings around the country, including education workers.

You can find out more about the campaign on its website, where there is a model motion you can use to affiliate your union branch.

There are also 2 regional mobilising meetings coming up on 30 July that you can attend – a second London meeting, and one for Sheffield & South Yorkshire (details here).


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