Over a picture of "Fractionals for Fair Play campaigners", a banner in red, black and white, reading "Fighting Against Casualisation in Education: National Conference - Saturday 7 February - SOAS, 10-6PM"

Help promote FACE: posters & model motion

FACE poster webPlease help us to build the conference! We have designed posters and flyers that you can download and print to advertise FACE in your workplace and union branch:

We’ve also written a model motion for UCU branch General Meetings or committee to pass, in order to support and promote the conference, donate towards the organising costs and finance travel for a branch delegation. Already, branches including SOAS UCU, Queen Mary UCU, UCL UCU and Sussex Student Union are offering support – please let us know if your branch decides to join them.

Fighting Against Casualisation in Education

This union notes:

  1. That the casualization of academic staff is a growing concern across Higher and Further Education
  2. That casualised academic staff from 17 universities have decided to move towards a national conference on the issue, to be held at SOAS on the 7th February. This conference is an attempt to coordinate local campaigns, share resources and experiences, encourage the development of new campaigns and broaden out the campaign nationally.

This union believes:

  1. That local campaigns are an important aspect of fighting the casualization of labour in education.
  2. That national coordination between those campaigns is an important development.
  3. That it is important to support casualised staff in their efforts to organise in order to better their pay and conditions.

This union resolves:

  1. To support the national conference organized by the concerned staff and students and publicise it in the appropriate forums.
  2. To donate £100 pounds towards the organising costs of the conference.
  3. To finance travel for a delegation of casualised staff members from this union branch.

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